Exemptions from street trading licenses

Some types of trade are exempt from the need to obtain consent to trade in a street.

These include:

  1. Pedlars trading under the authority of a Pedlars' Certificate.
  2. Selling things as part off the business off a roundsman e.g. a milkman (but not ice cream vans).
  3. News vendors trading in the sale of newspapers and periodicals only, provided that they are not sold from a stall or similar structure or, if they are, that it stands on the carriageway of a street and its dimensions do not exceed 1 metre in length, 2 metres in height and does not occupy a ground area of more than 0.25 square metres.
  4. Trade at fairs and markets which hold a right to trade
  5. Trade at petrol filling stations
  6. Trade carried out in the street adjoining a shop provided that it is part of the business of that shop.