A vision of the future past

What would the streetscape of Bromsgrove look like if all the mismatching shop fronts and windows were replaced through grants from the Townscape Heritage Initiative?

For Bromsgrove’s Stage 2 Bid and Action Plan to the Heritage Lottery Fund we asked Shona Robson-Glyde, Historic Buildings Archaeologist at Worcester’s the Hive, to “rectify” a number of old photographs of high street buildings dated 1943. Originally, these had often been taken at an oblique angle so that details of the shop fronts were sometimes difficult to see. In order, therefore, to produce clearer images of how the shop fronts once looked like Shona removed, as far as she was able, the effects of distortion by perspective.

She achieved this by taking high quality, digital photographs of the buildings as they are now and then “rectifying” onto them the older images. Shona was then able to produce a report containing a current photograph of the building side-by-side with the original image, the “rectified” image and a drawing of how the shop front might look like again if grant-aided through Bromsgrove’s £1.6 million Townscape Heritage Initiative.