Memorials and headstones

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles of memorials and headstones to go on graves and interment sites.

Here are the rules and regulations for memorials (for sizes and fittings, see page nine). Here are some of the key rules :

  1. Memorials can be erected as soon after the interment as required except in the older, curbed style sections where memorials must not be erected for at least six months after interment
  2. All memorials must be fitted by memorial masons registered on a national Memorial Mason Registration Scheme, and a memorial application form must be completed and permit received before the memorial is erected
  3. We must sometimes carry out safety inspections on memorials in the cemeteries. We will put up advance notices of any such work in the local press and around the cemeteries. Should a memorial be found to be unsafe, we will make every attempt to contact relevant parties
  4. In order to maintain the appearance of the cemetery, flowers should only be placed on the memorial or foundation slab as anything placed on the grass around graves is likely to be damaged by mowers.

Apply for a memorial

Memorials: contact details for Bereavement services can be found here to apply. There is guidance on what you will need to do in these rules and regulations