Change of circumstances - Pension Credit

If you or your partner are over 60 and getting Pension Credit you must tell the Pension Service of any changes and they will tell you how the change will affect you.

If the change is something which was not included in your Pension Credit calculation, you must tell us, not the Pension Service.

Some examples of changes that you need to notify us of are:

  1. Changes in your tenancy
  2. Moving home
  3. Non-dependants and who is living with you
  4. Dependant children
  5. Working Tax Credit
  6. Capital, savings and or investments of more than £16,000 if you are getting Savings Credit only
  7. Income and capital of partner which has not been included in the Pension Credit claim
  8. Going into hospital
  9. Going into a rest home
  10. Absence from home of more than 13 weeks