Claim Housing Benefit

To make a claim for Housing Benefit you will need to fill in the online claim form and provide evidence to prove your circumstances.

The form will tell you everything you need to provide, and how you need to provide it.

We can’t pay any money until you have filled in the form and given us your evidence, so the quicker you do this the sooner you will get your payments.

We will write to you and tell you whether you qualify, how much you will receive and the date your benefit will start from.

Benefit payments usually start from the Monday after we receive your claim. If you move into a new home and claim Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support in the same week, your claim may start from the day you move in.

If you want to backdate your claim to an earlier date, you will need to demonstrate to us that you have a good reason for not making your claim earlier.

Claim Housing Benefit

Make your benefit claim online here. If you cannot complete the form online, please contact us.

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If you need any help, here are our contact details.