How to recycle (almost) everything

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ALUMINIUM CANS can be recycled at most household recycling centres and is accepted in the green wheelie bins which most households have.

ALUMINIUM FOIL (such as takeaway carton bases) don't put this in your green bin as our recycling facility cannot accept it. It can be recycling at household recycling centres. Crisp packets cannot be recycled as they are really plastic coated foil, which we cannot separate. With any type of foil, such as foil lids on cream cheese, scrunch the material in your hand, and if it holds its shape, you can recycle it.

ASH from wood burning fires is an excellent form of waste to add to your compost, or as a soil fertiliser due to it containing valuable minerals essential to healthy plant growth such as nitrogen and potassium and potash.

AEROSOLS can be recycled in your green bin  or at household recycling centres. But please do not squash or pierce the container, as they can explode!


BATTERIES household batteries can be recycled at household recycling centres and participating shops. Wherever possible use rechargeable batteries, solar powered devices, or mains electricity.

BOOKS in good condition will be gladly accepted by your local charity shop. If the books are not reusable they can go in your green bin.

BLUE GLASS can go in your green bin or you can recycle it at household recycling centres.

BICYCLES if broken beyond repair, bikes can be recycled at household recycling centres. Consider whether any local charities might want it for parts.



CARDBOARD and light white card (for example cereal boxes) can go in your green bin. Anything corrugated or thick will also be accepted. Small amounts are also good for composting.

CARRIER BAGS can be recycled in store at most large supermarkets. The best way to reduce plastic bag waste is to reuse bags or buy re-usable bags - some supermarkets offer incentives if you you use re-use bags.

CDs may be accepted for re-use via schools and community art programmes at Worcestershire Resource Exchange. If they are saleable, you could donate to your local charity shop or place in a book bank. If you grow vegetables at home then they can be hung on string to act as a bird scarer.

CLOTHING AND TEXTILES can be recycled at household recycling centres. Items in reasonable condition are sent for reuse, and other items are turned into rags. For good quality items your local charity shop would also be a good option. Please do not put these into your green bin as they cannot be accepted or re-used in this way. Also see RAGS.

COAT HANGERS your local dry cleaner/ironing service may be glad to receive them. Participating supermarkets have recycling facilities so please ask in stores. Even better, politely refuse hangers in shops!

CORKS are very good for your compost heap, and don’t forget to recycle the bottle they came in!

CLEANING PRODUCT PLASTIC CONTAINERS i.e. old bleach bottles etc. These can be put into your green bin (as always, please rinse them out first).

CHRISTMAS TREES can be recycled at household recycling centres, where they are shredded and made into compost.


DISPOSABLE RAZORS must be carefully wrapped and disposed of in your waste bin. Staff at our recycling facilities who hand sort some materials could get injured if these were to go into your green bin.

DRINKS CARTONS can go in your green bin.

DOG FOOD please rinse out, push in the lids, and put in your green bin. Please note we cannot recycle the plastic pouch versions.

DOG POOP can be recycled in Green Cones, which are available from Let's Waste Less.

DVDs see CDs


EGG BOXES made from cardboard are fully compostable, can go in your green bin, or can be recycled at household recycling centres.

EGG SHELLS can be composted. When crushed they can also deter slugs from eating your plants, just sprinkle around the base.


FABRIC CONDITIONER CONTAINERS can be put into your green bin.

FOOD WASTE can be disposed of with a Food Waste Disposer or Green Cone. Here's more information including on grants from Let's Waste Less




GARDEN WASTE is best composted at home. Alternatively you can take this kind of material to household recycling centres. However, we do offer a Garden waste service, you can find out more here.

GLASS can be recycled indefinitely and bottles and jars can be recycled at household recycling centres and in your green bin. Sheet glass and Pyrex is not accepted.

GRASS can be composted very effectively providing that it is mixed with equal quantities of other material, for example scrunched up newspaper.

GREASEPROOF PAPER (used and scraps) can be composted if ripped up first or in small amounts.


HAIRSPRAY and other canned aerosols can go in your green bin, or you can recycle them at household recycling centres.

HAY and other natural pet bedding can be added to your compost heap so long as your pet is vegetarian.


INKJET CARTRIDGES are accepted by many charities and schools who will gladly recycle them on your behalf.


JUNK MAIL you can use the Mailing Preference Service to remove yourself from the mailing lists used by many companies.

JARS of glass or plastic, and their metal or plastic lids, can go in your green bin. Or you can recycle them at household recycling centres.


KITCHEN WASTE may be composted. Just avoid cooked food or meat products.

KITCHEN ROLL TUBES can be composted or put in your green bin.

KITCHEN UTENSILS you can recycle these at household recycling centres.


LIGHT BULBS cannot be recycled at present. Florescent tubes must be taken to the household recycling centre for proper disposal, as they are hazardous. Energy efficient light bulbs last ten times longer than an ordinary bulb and you can recycle them at household recycling centres.


MAGAZINES are paper so put them in your green bin or recycle them at a household recycling centre.

METAL can be recycled at a household recycling centre.

MOBILE PHONES are recycled by lots of charities and there are companies that will pay you for your old handsets. Try searching online. Unwanted handsets and accessories can also be returned directly to phone shops for recycling.

MEDICINES you can put empty glass medicine bottles in your green bin. Please take all other medicines to any branch of Boots where the medicines are disposed of safely and the bottles recycled.


NAPPIES can take up to 500 years to decompose - here are all the facts about nappies from Let's Waste Less.


OIL never pour oil down drains, it can contaminate drinking water and harm wildlife. Please seal oils in an appropriate watertight container and put it in your waste bin. Small quantities of cooking oil can be composted.


PAINT you can dispose of paint at household recycling sites or donate it to Worcestershire Resource Exchange. Paint tins must not go in your bin, as when they gets crushed in our bin lorries they cause unsightly spillages and damage mechanical parts. For small quantities of paint, please either allow to dry on newspaper (or cat litter!) and then put that in your waste bin.

PAINT BRUSHES can be transformed by trimming the bristles with scissors, saving you money. They can't be recycled otherwise.

PILLOWS can be taken to a charity shop, or the inner feathers/down can be composted, and the fabric recycled at a household recycling centre. 

PLASTIC you can put plastics in your green bin. Larger supermarkets also tend to have facilities for you to recycle plastic, as well as our household recycling centres.


RAGS old fabric rags or stained t-shirts make good general rags. When they are past good use, if the material is natural, such as cotton, you can compost this material.

READING GLASSES there are lots of charities that want reading glasses to give to people that need them. Try a search online. Most opticians will also accept your old glasses for re-use.


SHAMPOO and conditioner bottles can go in your green bin.

SHOES consider getting shoes mended, which is much cheaper than buying new ones. They can be recycled at household recycling centres, and are usually sent to people that can continue to put them to good use.

STEEL tins can be recycled in your green bin or household recycling centres.

STAMPS you can send used stamps (please tear off the envelope) to the League of Friends of the Alexandra Hospital who raise money for vital equipment.


TAPE CASSETTES you can use a number of commercial services to recycle tapes. Try searching online.


TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES can go in your green bin or to a household recycling centre.

TISSUE PAPER charity shops can re-use your tissue paper to wrap delicate items and china.

TOWELS (as well as old pillow cases, sheets and blankets) are needed in a clean condition by Wychbold Swan Rescue, a charity that cares for local wildfowl.


UMBRELLAS if you are able to detach the fabric canopy you could recycle the metal at a household recycling centre.


VACUUM DUST can be composted.


WATER BUTTS are a great way of conserving water for watering your plants. Contact Severn Trent for more information on subsidised butts.


YELLOW PAGES can go in your green bin or be recycled at a household recycling centre.

YARN unused yarn will be gratefully accepted at your local charity shop.


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