The Council’s Place Teams are determined they haven’t bitten of more than they can chew as a District-wide clean-operation gets underway.

Bromsgrove District Council has invested in three ‘gum-wands’ which use steam, jets and sugar soap to blast chewing gum off the streets and pathways.

The clean-up scheme kicks off on the High Street but with three Place Teams dedicated to different parts of the District, each armed with a wand, it is hoped most of the  discarded gum will soon be a thing of the past.

Cllr Rita Dent, whose Portfolio covers the High Street said: “We want to create a better Bromsgrove for everyone and by keeping our streets clean and tidy will help to build pride in the District.”

Each of the wands costs £1,500, so the Council is urging people not to drop gum, or any litter in the first place which will not only keep the District looking good, but will save taxpayers money.

Cllr Peter Whittaker, whose portfolio covers Environmental Services, said: “While we are committed to keeping our Place clean, if people didn’t drop gum, which is unsightly and very difficult to remove once it is dried on, then we could spend this cash in improving services for all our residents.”