Hagley land transfer map

Land in Clent is set to be transferred to Hagley Parish Council after Members made a decision following a Community Governance Review

Bromsgrove District Council made the decision on October 7 following recommendations from the authority’s Electoral Matters Committee.

This followed a CGR which the Council launched in October 2014 after being petitioned by electors in Hagley.

They identified that parts of what they thought of as the village of Hagley, were in fact part of Clent, including a road where opposite sides were in different parishes. The petition was for those areas to be transferred to Hagley parish area.

At a meeting of Bromsgrove District Council on October 7, Members supported the recommendation to make a Reorganisation Order and transfer the land because it would reflect community identity and interests. The proposal was supported by 75.4% of households in Hagley and Clent who responded to the CRG.

Both Clent and Hagley Parish Councils will remain as separate organisations.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Head of Legal Equalities and Democratic Services Claire Felton said: “This is an example of local democracy in action and thank you to everyone who took part to enable this decision to be made.”

The full recommendation with all the supporting information, including maps of the proposed transfer areas, can be seen at www.bromsgrove.gov.uk/cgr or on request from the district council’s Electoral Services team on elections@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk or 01527 881421.