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Pupils at St Kenelm’s C of E Primary School got a taste of the importance of democracy when they held their own election at the end of September.

Children at the Romsley school held elections to their school council with help from Bromsgrove District Council’s Electoral Services team on Friday September 25.

Candidates from each year group campaigned for a seat on the council and were voted in by their schoolmates. To make the experience as realistic as possible, the election worked just like a ‘normal’ election. Polling booths, a voting register, illustrated ballot papers and declarations of results were all provided as the pupils followed the voting process that will be familiar to most adults.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Head of Legal and Democratic Services Claire Felton said: “St Kenelm’s continue to show that the hands-on approach is a great way to teach young people how and why to vote. Learning to participate and make sure each of our votes count is a vital thing to understand from an early age.”

Jenny Morris, the teacher in charge of the elections at St Kenelm’s said: “Opportunities like these are invaluable in giving the children real-life experiences, helping to bring their learning about democracy to life and bringing a real sense of occasion and importance to our elections.”

For more information or to enquire about running a similar project please contact our Electoral Services team here.

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