B16081 100 000 Scheme To Help Bromsgrove Keep Warm And Save Money

A new fund to help Bromsgrove residents on fixed or lower incomes get better, cheaper heating in their homes is available now.

Up to £5,000 towards the cost of replacement boilers, radiators, insulation and more is now available to people who have inefficient heating and whose household incomes fall below a certain level, through the new Bromsgrove Energy Efficiency Fund.

An application to local independent energy advisers Act on Energy is required to access the money.

Bromsgrove District Council created the scheme in a bid to help residents on fixed or lower incomes meet the cost of improving the energy efficiency of their homes, and to alleviate fuel poverty, making £100,000 of funding available spread over three years to 2019.

Cllr Kit Taylor, Bromsgrove District Council portfolio holder for housing services, said: “Better modern boilers or insulation can bring your heating bills right down, but the up-front costs can be challenging for people on fixed or lower incomes. Through our energy efficiency fund we’re trying to bridge that gap and help people achieve those regular savings, it’s something we’re really thinking about as a hand up, not a hand out. Our motto has become keep warm and save money.”

There are two levels of help with the cost of heating improvements under the scheme, based on household income. The full £5,000 can be available to households earning less than £10,720 after tax for a single adult with no children, up to less than £28,800 for households with two or more adults and four or more children. A £250 household contribution to the cost of the works is required. Meanwhile £500 can be available to households earning less than the Worcestershire average of £37,000.

In all cases, households must have inefficient heating or inadequate insulation to be eligible. Applicants will be taken through the eligibility process when they apply to Act on Energy, which they can do by calling 0800 988 2881.