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Bromsgrove District Council is showcasing its budding young talent as part of national Apprenticeship Week

Apprentices learning their trades with the Council have been sharing their experiences for National Apprenticeship Week.

This has been welcomed by Council leader Margaret Sherrey who said: “We are proud to offer our young residents a chance to get work experience and learn skills which will stand them in good stead to continue along their future career paths.”

Here are what two current apprentices say about their placement and where they thought it could take them.

Network and infrastructure apprentice Ryan Jukes said, “I am part of the team that looks after the network and servers that run the council's IT, and I'm also studying towards recognised qualifications. I want my apprenticeship to take me into this full time, and hopefully this will give me the experience and qualifications that I will need to go further. I feel I learn a lot from my colleagues.”

Finance apprentice Jordan Smith added, “My apprenticeship is in finance and as part of that I am studying with the Association of Accounting Technicians at Bourneville College. Ideally I would like to become a fully qualified accountant in the future, and I hope my apprenticeship will help develop my skills and give me the experience so I can pursue this. It has helped me massively with my studies, giving me the opportunity to see how things at college happen in the workplace.”

And here's what two full-time employees that got their jobs via apprenticeships have to say:

Electoral services officer Frankie Collings said, “I had been an apprentice at the council as part of my business administration NVQ level 3, and at the end of that I got a temporary contract in electoral services. Then a permanent job as an electoral services officer came up - and between the apprenticeship and the experience I had gained, I was able to apply and be successful.”

Financial services support officer Elise Wesley said: “I started an apprenticeship in business administration placed at the council, and that experience helped me to get a full time job there in financial support services before I'd even finished my studies, which I'm still doing. I hope my apprenticeship will help me to keep on progressing.”

If you want to know more about apprenticeships, whether as an apprentice or an employer, visit http://worcsapprenticeships.org.uk or contact the apprentice hub on 0300 666 3 666.