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Bromsgrove District Council will consider whether to join the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Last year the Council decided not to join as it was early days for the project and there wasn’t enough information about the ‘devolution deal’ and voting powers for Non Constituent Members. In July the WMCA released its statement of intent and in November signed its first devolution deal, the largest nationally.

Council Leader Margaret Sherrey said: “We have been approached by the Chairman of the Shadow West Midlands Combined Authority as to whether we want to consider becoming a non-constituent member.

“Since we last were approached by the WMCA it has progressed significantly and has secured the largest devolution deal in the country – and the WMCA is still growing.

“We also received feedback from the Worcestershire delegation who met with Lord Heseltine in April over a potential devolution deal where it is clear that Government are now working on larger geographic footprints than single counties without a mayoral model.

“In addition when we met with the Secretary of State he made it clear that in future significant powers and funding will be devolved to the West Midlands Combined Authority.

“Given all this we have another opportunity to consider joining and I believe the Council needs to consider our position so that we don’t potentially miss out.”

The WMCA works together to move powers from Whitehall to the West Midlands and consists of locally elected politicians who know this region best. Individually councils will continue to deliver local services and retain their identity and sovereignty but on the big decisions will have the resources to work together better.

Non-constituent membership provides the opportunity for collaboration across the region, a seat at the table to engage with and influence the direction and priorities of the Combined Authority. Non-constituents play a full role in the business of Combined Authority Shadow Board.

The Council has put information in its Parkside customer service centre and online here for residents to comment on by June 5 (June 3 for paper submissions).