Bring Bank Fly Tip

Throughout the course of September the remaining seven Bring Bank sites in the District will be removed in a bid to reduce fly tipping, littering and other antisocial behaviour as well as saving money.

The decision to remove the Bring Banks has been made due to the decline in site usage, ongoing costs of cleaning and the removal of frequent fly tipping at particular sites. They are often misused by commercial organisations dumping their waste and generally attracting unwanted attention.

Landowners and residents have approached the council on numerous occasions regarding misuse of the sites and many have requested their removal because of this.

Cllr Geoff Denaro, Leader of the Council, said: “Bring Banks were once the only way residents could recycle anything, but now, with the introduction of our kerbside collection service, they are becoming obsolete. The money and time spent on cleaning up the sites can now be used for a better purpose, elsewhere within the District.”

In 2015/16, Bromsgrove District had a recycling rate of 44% of which Bring Banks only contributed 1% towards this figure.

Residents will still be able to recycle excess waste – such as bottles or cardboard from parties or around Christmas time – at one of the Household Waste Sites:

• Quantry Lane, Romsley B61 0QT
• Crossgates Road, Redditch B98 7SN

If residents find they have too many recyclables for their green bin on a regular basis, they can also request an additional green recycling bin.

Details of the Household Waste Sites are available here.