Bromsgrove District residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit are being advised that their Friday 21st October payments will come out of their banks on Monday, five days earlier than expected.

The council is apologising for the error and reassuring anyone affected by it that they will not incur costs as a result.

Head of Customer Services Amanda Singleton said: “We are very sorry if this unfortunate error causes anyone any inconvenience. It will not cost anyone any money, however, as if these early payments result in any charges they can be reimbursed. We will also be writing to everyone affected detailing some extra support if required.”

It comes after a processing error this afternoon (Friday October 14) meant Council Tax Direct Debits due for the 21st October were accidentally included in another routine billing run of Direct Debit payments to come out on the 17th. The run cannot be reversed.

If you think you may experience any problems as a result of the early payment on Monday, please press here for more information. You will get any support you may require.

The payments will not be taken again on October 21.