Residents may see some disruption over the coming weeks as works start on a prominent town car park.

Hanover Street Car Park will be relined on Tuesday 10th May before the compulsory archaeological dig starts on 11th May at the site in advance of its redevelopment.

During this time, the car park size could be reduced to one third of its original capacity. When the dig is finished, this section of the car park will not come back into use as development on the site begins.

Guy Revans, Head of Environmental Services, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused to residents whilst the lining work is taking place and hope to get it completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“The archaeological dig is compulsory to make sure that the planned development isn’t being built on anything it shouldn’t be.”

Cllr Rita Dent, whose portfolio covers the Town Centre, said: “Whilst we are sorry that the works to the car park are likely to cause some disruption to visitors, it is also a very exciting time as these are the first steps towards another redevelopment project in the Town Centre.”

Many residents have long term passes for this car park but during the works it is likely that there will be fewer spaces than there are permit holders. For this reason, the permits will be valid, until their date of expiration, in any of the council’s other car parks.

For more information on the closure contact Engineering and Design.