Biin Collection (2)

An electronic reporting system which will keep waste and recycling collection operatives in touch with their Bromsgrove headquarters has been installed.

Webaspx WM InCab has been put in all collection vehicles and will allow officers to manage rounds more effectively and crews to report issues as they arise such as bins not left out or if a street couldn’t be accessed.

The information will be transmitted straight to the depot offices, where customer services officers can also see where the vehicle was and at what time when the issue was raised, putting information at their finger tips for when residents call.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Portfolio-Holder for Environmental Services, Roger Smith, said: “Tracking routes in real time will allow us to predict finish times and where crews may need assistance, this will be a real benefit in making our service more responsive and efficient for our residents and means the crews aren’t so isolated in their job.”

Currently, if a bin is reported to the council as not emptied, by a resident, crews will generally return to empty it, even if it hadn’t been put out for 7am as required.

Cllr Smith added: “This is an inefficient use of our time and can be a very costly to the service. “Crews can now record the time when bins are collected on the rounds and also record which bins have not been left out. We will be able to explain to the resident why their bin was not  emptied because it was not put out ready for collection.”

Residents are being urged to put their bin out at the right time as, as the system is bedding in to the service, over the next few weeks, crews will return on the first instance but on the second occasion of this happening, will not return to empty the bin.
The WM InCab system, will also be used as part of a future campaign to encourage and educate residents to recycle the right things. This is part of a County-wide initiative to reduce the amount of contaminated recyclables being collected.

Here is our page to report a missed bin

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