Badger Web

Works to stop badgers damaging land near graves in Bromsgrove New Cemetery are set to start next week.

Inspections have already taken place by Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy to monitor the activity of the badgers, following complaints from a grave owner.

The badgers, whose main sett is in the private garden by the cemetery, have dug two holes in the grass verge by their home. They have also dug three holes by graves, which are separated from their sett by a path.

Works, to change the badgers’ behaviour, include digging a hole and putting a fence in place between the path and the graves which will stop the badgers from using the entrances by the graves to enter their sett.

Bromsgrove District Councillor Roger Smith, whose portfolio covers Environmental Services which includes cemeteries, said: “This approach will not harm the badgers. “Instead we aim to change their behaviour.

“This will encourage the badgers to relocate from the cemetery where they have been causing some distress to grave owners. If the badgers are left to dig more tunnels it could make the ground unstable and it could collapse in the future.”

A license to do the work has been granted by Natural England and will start next Tuesday (November 15).