Planning bosses have spoken out to put the record straight after incorrect claims against the Council department by a disgruntled developer.

In an advert, in the local press, Oakland Development claimed that Bromsgrove Council is the worst in the country.

In fact while Bromsgrove District Council’s Planning department was in designation last year, because of the time spent processing major applications, it has since surpassed 40 other Councils nationally in the table.

Head of Planning Ruth Bamford said: “While Bromsgrove’s Planning Team implemented a new way of processing applications, which included spending more time with the applicant to ensure the paperwork was correct at the time of submission, we did have a backlog and this is why we were in designation.

“However we, and our customers, are now reaping the benefits of these changes. Bromsgrove Council is now quicker at processing major applications and is at the top of the league for the quality of decisions when making decisions on major applications.

“Redditch is and always has been an authority with a good track record for making timely and quality decisions on major applications and has always ranked well in the performance tables.

“The claims by Oakland, who built a large warehouse in the green belt without planning permission, are disappointing.

“The national Planning Inspectorate has agreed with the district council that this unauthorised building should be removed.”