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Rubery residents and businesses have seen all their High Street bins replaced with new ones, as part of work by Bromsgrove District Council to maintain and improve the appearance of the district.

All 15 of the ageing litter bins along New Road were replaced this week after a review of facilities in the area by the district council’s local Place Team.

Bromsgrove District Councillor Peter Whittaker, whose portfolio includes environmental services, said: “We’ve put a real focus on the local environment and communities with our new localised way of working, and the Place Team around Rubery were keen to help improve the appearance of the High Street as the old bins started reaching the end of their useful life. Rather than replace the damaged ones piecemeal they have made a real improvement to the area in one go, and the bins that still have some life in them will be re-used to support less visible areas like laybys.

“Hopefully we can encourage even more people to dispose of their litter responsibly, including chewing gum that’s so unsightly and difficult to remove from pavements.”

Last year the district council moved its work to clean streets and maintain public places into localised place teams across the district, to put the people that do the job closer to the communities they serve.

Bromsgrove District Council spends around £800,000 a year cleaning the district.

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