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Some residents in Bromsgrove District are being offered help to make Council Tax payments after scannable bar codes on their bills didn’t work.

The bills recently started arriving on the district’s 40,000 doormats and some people have reported that the bar code on their bill, which can be scanned at a Post Office to make a payment, is faulty.

Amanda Singleton, Head of Customer Access and Financial Support, said: “We are aware that some bar codes are not scanning. It seems to be affecting three to four per cent of people and we’re sorry for any inconvenience it may be causing.

“We’re currently making alternative payment arrangements, such as payment over the phone, and for anyone that needs it we will re-issue a bar code as soon as we have been able to identify and resolve the problem affecting these bills. We are in liaison with our contractors to understand what has happened.”

If this may affect you please press here for advice.