Row Of Houses

Grants to help pay for community projects in areas of Bromsgrove District where new housing growth has had an effect are available now.

£171,157 has been allocated for the grants by Bromsgrove District Council, using the New Homes Bonus money it receives from the Government for the first few years after new houses are built.

Jayne Pickering, the district council’s Director of Finances and Resources, said: “Community groups are now invited to bid for some of this money to make improvements that help with the impact of local housing growth. The final deadline for bids is June 16, or if you want us to be able to review your bid before you submit it we will need to see it by May 30.”

In previous years local groups have used larger and smaller grants from the scheme to help provide vehicles, sports facilities and equipment, repairs and maintenance, and more.

Here are the details of the grant scheme including application forms and timelines.

This year’s New Homes Bonus Community Grants Scheme is made up of £144,000 of new funding plus £27,157 of unspent money carried over from last year’s scheme.