Manchester Vigil Web

Bromsgrove Muslim Community Trust in partnership with Bromsgrove District Council have organised a gathering to remember the victims of the Manchester attack this weekend.

The gathering will be held on Saturday 27th May 2017 at 12.30pm at the Parkside Suite, Council House, Bromsgrove.

Chairman of Bromsgrove District Council, Cllr Helen Jones, said: “At a time like this, following such a despicable and cowardly attack, we will stand together. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this atrocity - across the whole country - and our thoughts are with the people of Manchester at this awful time.”

Vice-Chair for the Bromsgrove Muslim Community Trust, Naeem Arif said: “The horrific attack on Manchester Arena appalled all of us and whilst the extremists and terrorists want to divide communities we must come together for the victims and to send a strong message of unity to all those who wish to divide us.

“Terrorism has no religion or moral standing. No faith or belief can ever justify the killing of innocent people.

“We must not let any hate monger divide us but show them that people of all faiths and none can live peacefully, together”.

Mrs Aksa Khan from BMCT went on to say: “There is nothing more encouraging and heart-warming than people coming together, to grieve together and to stand in unity and solidarity with those who suffer. So we urge people of all ages to come together this Saturday at 12.30pm.

“By coming together in this way we will be remembering the victims as well as showing that true religion promotes peace not terrorism. Such barbaric acts are absolutely against the spirit of true Islam. Terrorists would want to divide our communities and promote mistrust and hatred amongst us. Let us not play into their hands or let them win”.

For further information please contact Mr Naeem Arif on 07722 429 304 Mrs Aksa Khan on 07890005746.