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Bromsgrove District Council is to reconsider its options to provide a sports hall for its new leisure centre, after negotiations to share the hall at North Bromsgrove High School took an unexpected turn.

New changes to the way school exams are to be held have reduced the availability of the neighbouring hall to nine months of the year, prompting councillors to re-open discussions over a specific new solution for a sports hall.

A deal to share the school sports hall, which is just a few metres away from the Bromsgrove Sports and Leisure Centre, is being negotiated to make the hall available to the public on evenings and weekends.

Cllr Geoff Denaro, Leader of Bromsgrove District Council, said: “We’ve said throughout that we wanted a sports hall but were unable to justify building a brand new one effectively just for daytime use, when there was already a full size sports hall next door at the school that was available on evenings and weekends.

“Unfortunately that availability has now changed to be for just nine months of the year. We’re not sure that would be good enough, and that residents may expect a better level of sports hall provision. We’re now looking at our options and we’ve requested a report on the matter for the council to consider.”

The options could include refurbishing existing buildings or building a new facility.

Cllr Peter Whittaker, Leisure portfolio holder, added: “The key thing as we consider our options will be to propose a really compelling new leisure offer for any new sports hall facility, so that it can be viable. It would have to stack up, and then it could complement the excellent facilities the people are about to experience at the brand new Bromsgrove Sports and Leisure Centre.”