Rubery High Street Google Street View

A plan which will help improve the appearance of Rubery’s Village Centre is being drawn up.

Already a full audit study of the street furniture, from planters to bus shelters, has been undertaken as part of the public realm plan with recommendations for removal or refurbish.

This was identified by Bromsgrove Centres Manager Cheryl Welsh who is leading on the project along with partners including the District and County Council, North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration, local members and businesses are also key contributors.

Funding and resources have been identified by all partners to support the public realm plan, which looks at signage, bollards, bins, benches, painting of lighting columns, bus shelters and planters.

Larger issues will be developed as sub-projects alongside the public realm plan to ensure a long term commitment to the scheme.

Cheryl, who is employed by NWEDR on behalf of Bromsgrove District Council, said: “The plan is an exciting first step approach to improving the overall appearance of the Village Centre and the strong partnership approach will ensure future improvements follow an agreed and consistent quality.

“We have some great examples of where businesses demonstrate a pride in the area and I want to build on this to bring forward further improvements. 

“Through this collaborative approach there is a commitment to the plan and Rubery Village to make positive high impact improvements.”

Portfolio-holder for Economic Development Cllr Karen May said: “This is a great start to give Rubery a facelift and I am pleased we are driving this forward as part of a potentially bigger programme of improvement works.”