Re -use

Bromsgrove District residents did their bit as 5,800 items were donated for re-use across household tips in Worcestershire tips last year.

Useable furniture, bric-a-brac and bicycles were just some of the things donated at the district’s Quantry Lane tip that were re-used by Newstarts, a social enterprise that provides free furniture, emergency food and household supplies to Bromsgrove District families and individuals in the greatest need.

The donated items also meant an estimated 105 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill. Around 10 million household items are sent to landfill in the UK every year.

Bromsgrove District Councillor Roger Smith, whose portfolio includes environmental services, said: "It's great to see residents donating household items that still have life left in them, rather than throwing them away. These donations are really useful to people in need, and it means spending less money on landfill too.

"The ability to donate things for re-use at the tip was one of the things we highlighted in our 'Recycling Ready' videos over Christmas and I hope by continuing to raise awareness of it even more people will make use of the facility."

Jim Haywood, a Director of Severn Waste Services, added: "We are thrilled to see so many Worcestershire residents considering what to do with their unwanted items and deciding to pass it on. By continuing to work with local charities we hope to divert more waste from landfill to reuse in the future."

Bromsgrove's re-use facility can also accept soft furnishings with a fire safety label, and more. Unfortunately they cannot take electrical items for re-use but these can be recycled in a dedicated skip there.

Quantry Lane is one of 11 tips in the county where household items can be left to be collected and used by local charities. For more information on your local reuse containers and what they can accept, please visit