Wythall parkrun

The popular free weekly timed 5k run will be starting in Wythall Park on September 16th.


We would like to request that our park runners utilise the car parks provided within Wythall Park (see the map below). There is a risk that these will become congested however if this is the case we will provide a marshal outside of the park to direct you to park in an appropriate location.

It would be ideal if participants living in close proximity to the Park could walk, run or cycle to the event thereby helping to reduce the impact on parking and the effect this has on residents.

We request that park-runners support us to ensure that impact on residents is minimised, making sure that access to properties remain clear and that the roads can continue to be used as a public highway.

This map indicates the car parks within the park and the one way system.

Wythall Park Car Parking (1)