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School Free Meals

School Free Meals

Who Qualifies?

Free School Meals can only be awarded if you or your partner are claiming either;

  • Income Support
    Job Seekers Allowance – Income Based
  • Employment and Support Allowance - Income Related
  • Support under part V1 of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Child Tax Credit, provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190.
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit.

**Note: From 1st May 2009, children are eligible for Free School Meals for a four week period immediately after the parent/carer becomes unemployed, or reduces their hours to less than 16 hours a week, but is still in receipt of Working Tax Credit. You will need to be able to produce a copy of your Tax Credit Decision Notice to claim under this criteria.

Where do I apply for Free School Meals?

Contact Tracey or Karen in the Free School Meals Team on Tel 01905 766182 to find out if you qualify and for an application form.
You can also e-mail us at Free School Meals
Application forms can also be obtained from your child's school or by downloading a Free School Meals Application Form 

How do I apply for Free School Meals?

Complete the free school meal application form and return it to one of the schools your child/ren attends or to the address on the form.

What happens then?

  • When we receive your free school meals application form eligibility will be checked online
  • Once your Free School Meals are confirmed your application will be authorised
  • A letter will be sent to you confirming your Free School Meal Award
  • Your child or children's school will also be informed
  • Free School Meals can not be granted to any child until either the school or ourselves have received a correctly completed form
  • Entitlement to free school meals can not be backdated

What happens if my circumstances change?

If an applicant ceases to receive one of the above mentioned benefits, they must inform this office immediately, as entitlement to free school meals must be cancelled. Giving false information or failing to disclose a change in circumstances may lead to legal proceedings.

What do I do to maintain my claim for Free School Meals?

Your claim for Free School Meals will be reviewed on a regular basis. We use an online Free School Meals eligibility checking system provided by the department for children, schools and families to confirm your entitlement.

NB The online checking system only confirms or denies your eligibility to claim Free School Meals: it does not give us any other information. If we cannot confirm your entitlement through this process we will contact you to ask you to provide up-to-date evidence of the benefit you receive.

Will I need to re-apply if my child changes school?

Your child remains entitled to free school meals as long as you are eligible. Free meal entitlement will automatically follow your child to the next stage of their education (i.e., in September) and the new school will be advised of this.

BUT – The Free School Meals Team will need to be advised if your child transfers to another school at any other time or for any other reason.

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