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How we maintain our landscape

Grass Cutting

We cut grass between March and November, however this is dependant on the weather and seasonal growth rates. We are unable to cut grass if the ground is too sodden as this causes damage.

We cut the grass verges in towns and villages on behalf of Worcestershire County Council. Where national speed limit applies the grass cutting is carried out by Worcestershire County Council. Any damage to verges in your area needs to be reported here: Worcestershire County Council

We also maintain our Public Open Spaces and Council owned Memorials.

Hedges and Shrubs

We are sensitive to the needs of the wildlife in the area and will change our maintenance schedules to avoid affecting habitats. If the hedges or shrubs are not on Bromsgrove Council land we will not carry out any work. Hedges are typically the responsibility of the adjacent land owner.

We chip our hedge cuttings and re-use them on local allotment sites or equestrian routes, or as a weed suppressant and mulch.

Report it

To request work please complete our online form, found here.