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01527 881188

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Commercial Vehicle and Trailer (CVT) Permits

CVT Permits allow for the disposal of Household Waste from residents private properties in Herefordshire and Worcestershire using 'commercial type' vehicles

Garden waste service

Cut down your tip runs by having your garden waste collected by us on our brown bin collections every two weeks!

Household recycling centre

All the details for your local household recycling centre; Quantry Lane tip, including Resident CVT passes and opening times

How to recycle almost everything

From bikes to yarn: the A-Z of how to recycle (almost) everything

Residents Permits - Household Recycling Centre

All you need to know about Residents Permits, allowing for the disposal of Household Waste for residents at the Household Recycling Centre

What is my bin collection day?

You can check your bin collection day here, for recycling bins, waste bins and for garden waste bins if you take that service.