Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the timetable for the production of the Council's strategic planning documents. It includes information on the site selection process and the future Green Belt Review which will inform the District Plan Review.

It is a three year timetable that was approved and adopted in January 2018. 

2018 Local Development Scheme

Bromsgrove Local Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation Rescheduled

The forthcoming consultation on the Bromsgrove District Plan Review - Issues and options, has unfortunately had to be rescheduled.

It had been hoped that the revised National Planning Policy Framework  (NPPF) would now be in place, giving the Council a clearer picture of what is  expected from Local Authorities, both in terms of the numbers of housing to be provided by the new standardised housing methodology, and how wider strategic planning issues need to be considered.

It is now hoped that the Issues and Options will be formally considered by the Council in September, on the assumption the revised NPPF is published in the summer.