Pay back a benefit overpayment

If you get more benefit than you are entitled to, this is called an overpayment and you will usually have to pay the money back.

Overpayments usually happen when you do not tell us about changes in circumstances as soon as they happen. For example:

  1. Your income goes up (unless you are in receipt of Pension Credit, then you will need to notify the Pension Service)
  2. Someone moves into or out of your home
  3. You change address

You might be committing benefit fraud if you choose not to report a change in circumstances.

If your benefit is overpaid we will write to you with full details of any overpayment including:

  1. What caused it
  2. Dates and amounts overpaid
  3. The total amount
  4. What to do if you disagree with the overpayment.

If you get one of these letters, read it carefully, and if you don’t understand it, please contact us. You can also ask us for a ‘statement of reasons’ which will explain how we have worked out your benefit.

Pay back an overpayment

You can pay back an overpayment:

  1. By online banking: to account number 91131605 sort code 40-15-07 using your invoice number as the reference number
  2. Online here
  3. Over the telephone, contact details can be found here
  4. By post to us here with a cheque with your invoice number written on the back, made payable to Bromsgrove District Council
  5. In person at any of our customer service centres
  6. By standing order by arrangement with us, please ask us here.