Strength and Balance Exercise Classes 

This is an exercise course for older people who have had a fall or who feel unsteady on their feet.  The aim of the classes is to improve your strength and balance, and also to help you feel more confident when you are out and about.  The instructor will guide you through some exercises to help increase your stamina and help with your balance on the move.  You will then work on exercised to help build your muscle and bone strength and learn how to get up form the floor safely should you ever have a fall.  Finally, at the end of the class you will do some relaxation and stretching. 

All of the exercises can be done seated or standing so all abilities can take part.  

You will also be given an exercise booklet at the start of the course to encourage you to exercise at home.

Each session costs £3.00

If you feel you could benefit from this type of exercise then please ask your GP for a referral into the scheme, or alternatively you can self refer by completing this attached patient referral form.

You will then be notified of the next programme that is starting in your locality.

Strengtha And Balance