Letter - D

Dangerous buildings
If you believe a building or structure has become dangerous please report it to us as soon as possible.
Dangerous wild animals
You need a licence to keep certain wild animals as pets
Data protection and information management
We keep personal information that is necessary to provide you with the services you require. Find out more here.
Data Protection Compliance
Whenever we use a contractor to process personal information on our behalf, we must choose a contractor who can offer adequate safeguards to ensure our information is kept safe and secure.
Dementia Friends
External link to Dementia Friends. Why not become a Dementia Friend?
This class combines relaxation with slow gentle movement
link to Dentist search on NHS Choices website
Direct Debit Fundraising
Information about Direct Debit fundraising in Bromsgrove District
Disability Sport
You can get involved with a lot of disability and inclusive sports opportunities in Bromsgrove District, whatever your age or level of ability.
Disabled Facilities Grants
If you're a homeowner you may be able to get help to pay for essential adaptations to your home if you or someone who lives with you has a disability.
Disabled Parking
Here's some information on Blue Badges how to use them - including the free extra hour we offer to badge holders and a link to apply for one
Disclosure Log
You can find everything about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and making FOI requests here.
Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)
If your Housing Benefit does not cover your rent you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).
Do I Need Planning Permission?
We can help you to check if you need planning permission. This pre-application advice service is free except for new dwellings (including conversions).
link to GP search on NHS Choices website
Find out more and enrol in our Dodgeball programme, held at the Dolphin Centre
Dog breeding
If you keep bitches at any premises and they give birth to five or more litters during a period of 12 months, you need a Dog Breeding Licence.
Dog Warden Service
External link to Worcestershire Regulatory Services dog warden service
Dogs In Parks
Information and guidelines on dogs in parks
Doing business with the council
Here you can find many different opportunities for conducting business with the council
Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse takes many forms including physical violence. We're here to support you, challenge perpetrators and educate the public.
Drainage and sewerage
Who is responsible for drainage and sewerage issues? Find out here.
Driver Licensing
Information on applying for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver licences
Dropped Kerb
A link to the Worcestershire County Dropped Kerb page
Drugs and Alcohol
Are you worried about yours or someone else's drinking or drug use? Here you will find local support services