Conservation Areas

There are 12 conservation areas in Bromsgrove District, of which three are formally adopted with Character Appraisals and Management Plans and three more (Beoley, Dodford and Hagley) are currently at the draft stage and are coming forward through a process of public consultation.

Dodford Draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

The Council has produced a further revised draft document in June 2018. This Appraisal has further revised the boundary in light of comments previously received. This document is now open for consultation, further information can be found here.

Bromsgrove District Conservation Areas

1. Alvechurch Conservation Area - designated November 1968
2. Barnt Green Conservation Area - designated December 2000
3. Belbroughton Conservation Area - designated 1969
    Belbroughton CA - Appraisal and Management Plan - July 2012
4. Beoley Conservation Area - designated August 1980
    Beoley CA - SUPERSEDED DRAFT Character Appraisal - June 2014
5. Bromsgrove Town Centre Conservation Area - designated 1968
    Bromsgrove Town Centre CA - Character Appraisal - June 2011
6. Clent Conservation Area - designated March 1981
7. Dodford Conservation Area - designated August 1975
    Dodford CA - DRAFT Character Appraisal - June 2014
8. Hagley Conservation Area - designated October 1987
    Hagley CA - DRAFT Character Appraisal - June 2014
9. Hewell Grange CA - Character Appraisal - August 2010
    Hewell Grange CA boundary map
10. Holy Cross Conservation Area - designated March 1981
11. St. John's CA - Character Appraisal - June 2011
12. Worcester & Birmingham Canal Conservation Area - designated June 1987

Work in Conservation Areas

Works in Conservation Areas may need planning permission, including on things that are normally permitted development in other locations. Find out further information here.