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Property and Land sales

Guidance notes for applications to purchase land owned by Bromsgrove Distict Council

These notes are to assist customers wishing to purchase small areas of land owned by Bromsgrove District Council.  The type of land for which applications are received are usually small often grassed areas which generally adjoin houses and are unfenced.

1.  Please first establish the ownership of the land in question. This can be done via the Land Registry in Coventry on 0300 006 0411 who will be able to assist with regards to whether the land is registered or unregistered and details of the owner.  If the land in unregistered, please contact the Council to establish whether the Council is the owner.

2. Once you have confirmed that the land you wish to purchase is owned by the Council, please fill in our online application form.  Please complete the form as fully as possible and attach a sketch plan indicating the area of land you wish to acquire.  If you have access to an Ordnance Survey map, please use this as a basis of your plan.  It would assist in the efficient process of your application if you can include approximate dimensions of land you wish to purchase.

3. Please be advised that your potential use of the land may require planning permission for change of use.  This is dealt with separately by the Councils Planning Department.  You are advised to discuss your proposal with the team on 01527 881770 before proceeding.

4. Upon receipt of your completed application form and plan, the Property team will appoint an officer to deal with your case.  The Officer will commence a consultation process with other departments in the Council.  If your proposed acquisition of the land affects other land owners the Council may also consult with them.  This process will generally take 6-8 weeks but for more complicated cases the consultation process may be longer.

5. Once the consultation period has ended, the Property Services team will write to you outlining the results.  If the Council is able to proceed with the sale then the Property Services team will arrange a valuation and forward proposed terms for the sale of the land for your consideration.

6. Should you be in agreement with the proposed terms and conditions the Property Services team will request that you confirm this in writing. Once confirmation has been received the team will forward all documentation to the Councils Legal team who will commence drafting of the legal paperwork for your approval.  The Council recommends that independent legal advice is sought in connection with any proposed property purchase.

7. In addition to the purchase price of the land you will be liable for the payment of the Councils legal costs and surveyors fee.

Please Note:

We advise that Bromsgrove District Council do not normally sell certain types of land, for example land held as public open space.  This includes public parks, allotments and playing fields.  Grass covered land that is regularly maintained may also fall into this category and also highway verges which for strategic reasons may not be available for sale.

If you wish to print and post the application

Here is a link to the application form, please complete and return to:

Property Services Team
Bromsgrove District Council
Market Street
Bromsgrove, B618DA

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