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Dangerous buildings

If you believe a building or structure has become dangerous please report it to us as soon as possible on 01527 881402.

Public safety arising from dangerous buildings or structures is part of our duty of care. Owners normally resolve safety issues quickly after talking to us, and we can take legal action if necessary.

If we have to act to remove imminent dangers to public safety, our costs can be recovered from the owner.

Common reasons for buildings becoming dangerous include:

  1. General deterioration
  2. Fires
  3. Adverse weather conditions
  4. Vehicle impacts
  5. Structural failures
  6. Explosions

Please note, matters relating the road or footpath including manhole covers, defective footpaths, street lamps or retaining walls over 4’6” (approx. 1370mm high and alongside a street) etc. are dealt with by Worcestershire County Council.

This North Worcestershire Building Control service also advises owners, police and fire services on structural matters, for a complete service.

Report a dangerous building

To report a dangerous building please contact our North Worcestershire Building Control Team.

Get help with structural problems

Contact the North Worcestershire Building Control Team to get help with structural problems.

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