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Keep Pets Calm During Fireworks Frenzy

Top Tips to stop furry friends getting in a frenzy over fireworks this Bonfire night, have been revealed.

Pet calming tips include:

•    Walk and feed your dog earlier in the day
•    Put radio or TV on in the background
•    Close windows, doors and curtains
•    Use rescue remedies a week before and plugins in sleeping areas
•    Avoid leaving pets at home alone
•    Make a covered area for pets to hide
•    Thunder jacket or wrap in item of clothing that smells of you
•    Extra early morning exercise in the run up to the firework frenzy
•    Minimise taking them outside, but if you do, keep them on a lead
•    Check newspapers and neighbours for firework events local to you
•    Cover hutches or bring small furries inside

Worcestershire Regulatory Services’ Animal Welfare Officer Pip Griffin said: “We would encourage event organisers to use silent fireworks and if not try to hold events on the weekend of November 5th only.

“However as dog and pet owners, there are steps you can take to make the experience less stressful for them.”

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