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June Tips

With the longest daylight hours, June is the month to get that last minute sowing done. Most of your plants will already be outside, but now is the last chance to get everything planted out in time for Summer. Frosts should be a distant memory by this point, but the increased heat is now the worry. Harvesting will start to slow in preparation for the main harvesting season later in the year, but ensure you keep on top of your harvesting and do not let veg rot in your allotment.

You will need to keep on top of your watering this month as the temperatures really start to rise. It is recommended you do a good soaking less frequently rather than a light shower every day. This encourages the roots to dig deeper and discourages lugs and snails who love warm and wet conditions.

June Planting

As the seasons really begin to turn, a new variety of plants can be sown outside:

  • Brussel sprouts,
  • Cabbages,
  • Cauliflowers,
  • Celeriac,
  • Courgettes,
  • Cucumbers,
  • French and runner bans,
  • Leeks,
  • Pumpkins,
  • Squashes,
  • Sweetcorn,
  • Tomatoes.
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