Letter - E

Voting in elections is how you are able to take part in choosing the people who make decisions that affect you. Find out more here!
Electoral register
Get on the electoral register (sometimes called the electoral roll), or update your name or address details, here.
Electric vehicles
Here's information on the things we're doing relating to electric vehicles and electric charging points in Bromsgrove District.
Employment Land Evidence
View evidence concerning the economy and employment land provision in the context of the Bromsgrove District Plan Review.
Empty homes
Empty homes can attract vandalism and anti-social behaviour, and are a wasted resource for both the owner and people that need a home - so we try to bring them back into use.
Encampments of gypsies and travellers
All you need to know about encampments of gypsies and travellers
Energy advice
Have a home that is warm in winter, cool in summer, free from damp and mould and that keeps our planet healthy too!
Environmental health & licensing
Info on dogs, nuisances, licensing, pests, pollution, food & drink, health & safety, private water supplies, public health.
E-tendering portal
We list all our contract opportunities on our electronic tendering portal, you can register and log in from here
Exercise and Health
Opportunities for exercise and health in Bromsgrove District.