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Helping you meet your duty of care

As a producer of commercial waste you may already know that you must ensure that you dispose of your waste safely and legally by using an appropriately authorised company.

All waste-producing businesses in the UK must, as part of environmental good practice laws known as the duty of care. Under that, anyone who produces waste and passes it to someone else is required by law to complete a Duty of Care.

Duty of Care notes detail where the waste has come from, and who it has been given to. They must be completed annually, and copies kept by both parties.

It's easy with us

As a local authority service we have a unique insight into the legal responsibilities around waste, which as our business waste customer you benefit from. You don't have to maintain a stack of paperwork for the auditors: just fill in our simple form and we'll send you a copy.

More resources

For a simple guide to your responsibilities under the duty of care, refer to the Government's Right Waste, Right Place website.

Here's the relevant legislation regarding commercial waste at GOV.UK.

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