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Data Protection and landlords

The Data Protection Act requires us to protect claimant confidentiality. By law we are not allowed to tell you any details concerning the personal circumstances of a claimant.

If the claimant has not authorised payment to you, we cannot tell you anything. We cannot even confirm that a client has made a claim unless they have given us written consent to do so.

If the claimant has authorised payment to you we can only tell you the amount of entitlement but not how it is calculated, the date from which it is to be paid and the method and frequency of payment.

If you have been issued with an overpayment, we will tell you the amount of the overpayment and how it is made up (I.e. number of weeks and amount per week), the reason for the overpayment, the fact that it is recoverable, and the method of recovery.

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