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Small business rate relief

Your small business may be able to pay less tax through a discount on its business rates, also known as non-domestic rates.

These rates and reliefs are set by the government and administered locally by us.

You could get small business rate relief if you either:

  1. Occupy only one property with a rateable value of less than £15,000 or
  2. Occupy more that one property with a rateable value of less than £15,000, and the rateable value of each of your additional properties is less than £2,900.

The amount you could get will decrease the higher the rateable value of your properties and it stops when a certain level is reached. There are many other factors to consider so for full details please see the national guidance from GOV.UK at the bottom of this page.

Changes you must tell us about

Whether your business is eligible can change along with current circumstances. If you are receiving small business rate relief then you must tell us if:

  1. You occupy a new property anywhere in England or
  2. There is a change in the rateable value of any properties you occupy that are outside of our area.

Tell us of any changes within four weeks because after that time you won't get any money you might have been due from the date of the change up to the date you told us.