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Internal Audit

We are required to maintain an adequate and effective system of internal audit.

To meet this requirement, we prioritise our activities and produce a risk based rolling three year Strategic Audit Plan. We also produce annual operational Audit Plans.

The plans are approved by the Audit Board and include reviews of the following areas.

  1. Key Financial Systems (Payroll, Benefits, Creditors, Budgetary Control, etc.).
  2. Operational Audits (Depot, Leisure Centres, Car Parks, etc.).
  3. Information Technology reviews.
  4. Frauds and Investigations.
  5. Corporate Governance arrangements.
  6. General advice and ad-hoc reviews.

Here is our statement of assurance.

Anti Fraud and Corruption

The Council is committed to protecting public funds against fraud and corruption and the Authority's Financial Regulations detail this responsibility. Financial Regulations also state that the Council should maintain an effective anti fraud and corruption culture and that all members and staff act with integrity and lead by example.

The Council has adopted an Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy which aims to deter, prevent and detect fraud and to provide effective action against fraud and corruption both internally and externally. The document is also a major part of the Authority's anti fraud and corruption culture and is a necessary part of the Council's system of internal financial control.

The Council also participates in the National Fraud Initiative which is an exercise run by the Audit Commission to improve the prevention and detection of fraud with public bodies.

Here is our anti fraud and corruption strategy.


The Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment internal audit may be asked to undertake some work brought to the attention of senior management through official channels of the Council.

If you suspect fraud or irregularity

If you suspect someone to be fraudulently claiming benefit from the council (Housing benefit or Council Tax benefit), click here to report benefit fraud.

If you have any concerns involving the council, elected members or employees, then you can either raise them directly with Internal Audit here or through the council's formal complaints procedure here.

All information you provide is treated confidentially.