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Stoke Heath Stoke Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review for a proposed new parish within the current Stoke Parish area is being held starting on 30 September and to be completed within 12 months. The new Parish, if created, would encompass the current Stoke Heath Ward of Stoke Parish.


A valid petition was received from residents of the Stoke Heath Parish Ward requesting a Community Governance Review be held to consider making the area known as the Stoke Heath Ward a civil parish separate from Stoke Parish Council. The new parish would be made up of polling district RHA. The streets affected can be seen on the map (marked in green) and the street list of RHA on the right of this page.

The Terms of Reference were agreed by the Electoral Matters Committee of Bromsgrove District Council at the meeting on 3 September.  

The Terms of reference can be found here and give more details about the process of the review. Here is a link to the map of the current parish which highlights the Stoke Heath Ward.

There will be two formal consultation stages during the review. In the first consultation initial submissions will be invited from interested parties and will last for two months. The Electoral Matters Committee will consider all submissions and draw up draft recommendations. The draft recommendations will consulted on in spring 2021. Once consultation is complete the Electoral Matters Committee will make it's final recommendations in August 2021.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the consultation is complete and the results can be found opposite.

Stage 2 and 3

On 2 February 2021 the Electoral Matters Committee of Bromsgrove District Council considered the results of the first consultation regarding the Community Governance Review for proposed new parish within the current Stoke Parish area.

The report and the minutes of the meeting can be found here.

For the purpose of this review the draft recommendation of the Committee is

 ‘That no change be undertaken’

The next stage of the review is a consultation on the above recommendation which will run until 17 May 2021.

We are interested in responses from residents in the Stoke Parish area regarding the recommendation. We would especially like to know if residents agree or disagree with the recommendation and reasons for their decision.


Representations in response to this stage of the review (including your name and address, which will not be published) should be submitted either by letter, email or online to:

Stoke Heath Ward Community Governance Review

Electoral Services Manager

C/O Redditch Town Hall

Walter Stranz Square


B98 8AH

Email responses can be sent to

 Online responses can be made here.

After the consultation closes the Committee will consider the responses received from both consultations and publish their final recommendations which will conclude the review.