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Accountancy and audit information


Accountancy services perform the following functions:

  1. Provide operational and strategic financial advice to both officers and members of the Council.
  2. Ensure that the Council’s financial system, procedures and statements are in accordance with statutory and professional best practice.
  3. Process all creditor payments for the Council, ensuring all payments are correct and made on time.
  4. Endeavour to recover all sundry debt that is owed to the Council in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.
  5. Ensure that the Council has in place the most appropriate and cost effective policies for insurance.
  6. Maximise the interest of investments achieved from both external and in-house treasury management of funds.
  7. Maximise the potential benefits from e-government and in particular e-procurement.
  8. Preparation of Statements of Accounts, and Summary Accounts
  9. Preparation of financial plans and budgets in consultation with stakeholders, ensuring resources are matched to the council's priorities.


Our in-house team of internal auditors provide a wide range of services. Our external audit services are provided by Grant Thornton.