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Bromsgrove District Plan Review

Bromsgrove District Plan Review Update – Revised Timetable published

The timetable below outlines the proposed next steps for the Review of the Bromsgrove District Plan.

This timetable was formally endorsed by the Council in a revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) and came into effect on 16 June 2021. A full copy of the LDS can be viewed here.

Work has continued on the Plan Review throughout the whole of the pandemic and will continue towards meeting the LDS target dates. The timetable below reflects the significant amount of work that has been generated by the large number of sites submitted to the Council.

The Call for Sites maps and associated tables on this page have also been updated to reflect all of the sites that are now under consideration.

Plan Stage Target Date
Preferred Option Plan June / July 2022
Publication Plan June / July 2023
Submission September 2023
Examination November 2023
Inspector’s Report March 2024
Adoption May 2024

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