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Bromsgrove District Plan Review

COVID-19 effects on Bromsgrove District Plan Review

At the moment work is continuing on the Bromsgrove District Plan review largely unaffected, any further updates including the revised timetable will be placed on this website in due course.

In Autumn 2019 the Council carried out a call for sites process. The initial registering of the sites submitted has now been completed by Council Officers. To allow us to make progress with the site assessment process, we will no longer be accepting further Call for Sites submissions. The next opportunity to submit any additional sites will be at the Preferred Options consultation stage. Any sites submitted to us in the interim will not be considered. 

Please note as this stage BDC officers have yet to carry out any analysis of the submissions; the tables of sites and maps represent what has been submitted to the Council and nothing else. No conclusions should be drawn as to the suitability of a site for development due to the inclusion on this page.

The links in the boxes on the right hand side of this page allow you to view the maps by ward or by parish, please note at this stage these maps are in low resolution, high resolution versions will be made available in due course.

A hard copy document showing individual plans of all sites submitted is available to view as a reference copy in Bromsgrove District Council Customer Service Centre, Parkside, Market Street, Bromsgrove, B61 8DA.

The responses received to the Plan Review Update consultation questions and Green Belt Purposes Assessment are still being processed and will be published in due course.

We are now working on a new timetable for the plan review; as soon as it is available a further update will be provided.

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If you have any queries about the District Plan Review, please contact the Strategic Planning Team