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Strategic Sites

Bromsgrove District Council is currently developing a Core Strategy (now District Plan) that will deliver the District’s vision and aspirations and provide a framework for guiding change up to 2026. Whilst Core Strategies are not generally site specific documents PPS12 states that strategic sites can be allocated providing that they are fundamental to the delivery of the Strategy.

The purpose of these documents is to identify the most appropriate growth strategy for Bromsgrove District that could deliver 4,000 homes by 2021. This will mean considering all of the different growth options that are a realistic possibility for the District. In accordance with PPS12 it is necessary to consider all reasonable alternatives when determining the optimum strategy. Once a growth option has been identified it will be necessary to test broad areas of land to identify locations for development throughout the plan period. These documents will assess a wide range of areas and clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each site, whilst providing a clear explanation as to why an area has either been discounted or considered as suitable for development.

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