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Councillors' allowances

The Council is required by law to make a Scheme of Allowances for Councillors and to decide the amounts to be paid to them under that scheme. A copy of the current scheme is contained in the council's constitution and set out below.

The Members' Allowances Regulations require local authorities to establish and maintain an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP). The purpose of the panel is to make recommendations to the authority about allowances to be paid to the councillors, and local authorities must have regard to this advice.

The IRP for Bromsgrove District Council is set up on a joint basis with four of the other five district Councils in Worcestershire, the decision having been taken during 2010 to follow the principle established by having a joint panel in the south of the county.

The members of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Worcestershire District Councils were appointed following advertisement and interview.

Schemes of allowances

Members’ Scheme of Allowances 2024/25

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