Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate

Warning Sign Tiny Coronavirus update: extra help with council tax support has been introduced for working age households. For all the Coronavirus updates from our benefits services, press here.

To make an application for Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate you will need to fill in a form and provide evidence to prove your circumstances.

We can’t pay any money until you have done this, so the quicker you give us your evidence the sooner you will get your payments.

All evidence can be sent by email and photographs of your evidence will be accepted as proof

We will write to you and tell you whether you qualify, how much support you will receive, and the date your support will start from.

You cannot claim Council Tax Support if you have capital over £16,000, unless you or your partner are in receipt of Guaranteed Pension Credit.

Second Adult Rebate

If you don’t live with a partner but you do share your home with someone who is:

  • Over 18 and
  • On a low income and
  • Not a partner or a paying lodger and
  • Not already exempt from Council Tax.

Then if you are not of working age you may be able to get support to pay your Council Tax. See below for more details on who is and is not a 'second adult'.

When working out whether you should get Second Adult Rebate, your own income and other circumstances (including capital) are not relevant. It is based wholly on the income and other circumstances of the second adult, or more if there is more than one extra adult.