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Housing Benefit

Warning Sign TinyCoronavirus update: Extra help with Housing Benefit has been introduced for working age households. This will be recalculated so you do not need to contact us. Your Housing Benefit will be paid as normal. Please only call us with emergencies at this time and use our online services to apply for benefits and report changes in your circumstances. For all our Coronavirus updates, press here.

You could get Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent if you're on a low income, you're unemployed or claim benefits.

Housing benefit is being replaced with Universal Credit so you can only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if any of the following applies to your circumstances.

  • You live in supported, temporary or emergency accommodation.
  • You and your partner have both reached state pension age.
  • You have the severe disability premium added to your benefits.

If any of the above does not apply to you, you may beĀ eligible to claim Universal Credit.

If you are unsure what benefits you may be entitled to independent benefits calculators are available to estimate what benefits you might be able to claim, the amount and how your entitlement may be effected by household changes like starting work.

If you cannot apply online please contact the benefits team.